Empower Bible Institute (affiliated with International Victory Bible Institute), provides a Spirit-filled learning environment where Christians have ongoing and systematic training in the Bible. The institute aims to empower every Christian to be an authentic disciple of Christ, mature in the Spirit, in knowledge, in service, and in love.

Empower operates four 10-week terms a year. The institute offers two Bible-based subjects each term with students having the flexibility to register term by term. The subjects are taught using a combination of video format of leading International Bible Teachers, and live teaching sessions by Australia for Christ Church pastoral staff and guest lecturers.

Course Description and Objectives

Term 4 2017
Every Tuesday @ 7:30pm

Tues 10th October – Tues 19th December
(excluding Tues 7th November)

Christian Foundations 2

This class is designed to equip the student in important biblical concepts that will provide a framework for understanding God’s Word and how He works. Subjects include What’s So Cool About the Bible?, How to Have Assurance of Heaven?, plus much more!

Nehemiah’s Leadership Principles

Though Nehemiah lived and served over 2500 years ago, he continues to be an important mentor for leaders in the 21st Century. As the king’s cup bearer to rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls, he teaches us an outstandingly rare thing – how to lead as a servant! Using Nehemiah’s leadership principles, this course is designed to give the students convincing insights and practical guidance in their personal journey to become servant-leaders who lead with significance.

World Missions

A historical and contemporary look at World Missions emphasizing the role and responsibility of the individual Christian and local church. The goal is to stir the student to be a vital part of the great end-time harvest through praying, giving and for some, going.


Tier 1 Students

$20 per term, per person
$35 per term for couples
(husband and wife attending simultaneously)

Tier 2 Students

$30 per term, per person
$50 per term for couples
(husband and wife attending simultaneously)

  • Payment due first day of course
  • Cash only
  • Fees do not include books


A pro-rated refund will be available until the second week of any session. Thereafter, no refunds will be made.

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For further enquiries email empower@acfchurch.com